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Brother Birthday Wishes That Will Dazzle Your Brother



Brother Birthday Wishes

It’s always essential to understand how to say “happy birthday” to your brother’. Because your brother is definitely significant in life. Asides that, he really deserves something more than “happy birthday Brother Wishes”.

It’s however hard to create brother birthday wishes that can actually express what we feel inside. Due to this, I’ve done the whole work to arrange a large collection of happy birthday wishes to brothers was developed. Brother birthday wishes you can send as messages are easy to create but may be tough in arriving an inspiration

Wishes Brother Happy Birthday

1. I may not often show you that I care, I may not always tell you I love you. But I’m just lucky to have you as my brother is the best thing in the world. Happy birthday wishes brother.

2. Friends are actually rare and brothers are common, but a brother who is a friend is a treasure. Happy Birthday.

3. Brother, I have to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. You’d defend me when we were little. You’d make me laugh when I was in pain, listening to me when I was down. Thank you. Have a happy birthday brother.

Brother Birthday Wishes

4. The warmest wishes on your special day, bro! The moments that we shared are so precious to me. I hope we will have lots of them in the future as well!

5. You are the one person that I don’t have to explain my craziness to and the one person whose craziness I can’t explain. And that’s great. Happy Birthday.

6. Your courage inspires me, your determination challenges me, and your loyalty reassures me. Thanks for being the best brother I could ask for. Have a terrific Birth!

7. My childhood days would be incomplete without you in it. The fighting, the yelling, and the roughhousing. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you and happy birthday wishes brother.

8. Growing up with you is so much fun. Thanks for making a wonderful duo with me, brother. Wish you a Happy Happy Birthday!

9. Happy birthday, brother. May your day be full of smiles, happiness, surprises and treats.

10. I am so grateful that you are my brother. You’ve always been there for me and loved me no matter what. I couldn’t ask for a better brother. Happy birthday my brother.

11. Thank you for crying with me, laughing with me, arguing with me, believing in me. Thank you for always being there brother. Happy birthday to a charming brother.

12. This is a new stage of your life, so do not let the troubles in the past hold the brilliant future ahead of you hostage. I wish you the best in all the endeavours of your beautiful life. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Big Brother Messages

13. I have to confess that you can achieve everything under this sun if you set your mind to it because I see nothing but a great achiever in you. Happy birthday!

14. I hate being sentimental, but today is your birthday and you have always been my rock who I can lean on when I need advice. Happy birthday and many more to come.

15. I so much trust that you are destined to attain greatness. So today, I wish you abundant capacity and wisdom to be able to achieve all those your great aspirations of yours. Happy birthday big brother!

16. The most selfless, lovable, cutest, smartest man in the world. Have a happiest birthday day brother!

17. You were my hero right from the start. Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming just like you and follow in your footsteps. Have a blessed day brother! Happy Birthday!

18. Don’t be afraid of the dark clouds of troubles that hang over your head because the sun will soon appear and they will all vanish. Happy birthday

19. Have a wonderful celebration on your birthday my dear brother. You deserve all the best in life.

20. You know what, I feel so proud to have a brother like you. You are my best friend. On this special day, I want to wish you, Happy Birthday Brother.

21. Happy birthday, dear brother! May this year bring the most wonderful things into your life, you truly deserve it!

22. We have experienced several good and bad times together in life after which I came to know you are my supporter, protector, guide, mentor in fact everything rolled into one. Happy Birthday brother!

23. I am over the moon not only because this day marks your birthday, but also because it marks the day that my greatest inspiration was born. With all the love in my heart, I say, “Happy birthday, my brother and greatest inspiration”.

Happy Birthday

24. I consider myself a very lucky person because I found the best friend in my brother. You are a true inspiration to me, happy birthday!    

25. As you get ready to face yet another birthday, remember that this is our time to party! Can’t wait to get out tonight and celebrate!

26. You have never let me down, through thick and thin. You are always there for me when I’m sad. I thank you for all the things you do. You are the best brother anyone can ask for. Happy birthday, bro.

27. You are a hero, a knight in shining armor, a wise adviser. I am so proud to be your sibling. Happy birthday to my brother.

Romantic Birthday Brother Wishes

Romantic Birthday Brother Wishes

28. I just can’t do without praying for you to enjoy good health and happiness. Hope you attain new heights this year… Happy birthday my dear Brother

29. Would you believe I just can’t find emojis or even words that can express how much you inspire me in life? May your life be adorned in the most beautiful blessings from above! I wish you the greatest of birthdays ever!

30. You are my model bro, because everything you do is Max… have Max fun dear brother, you’ve earned it. Happy Birthday!

31. Dear brother, you have always been a true friend to me. I hope this will never change. Wishing you all the best on your special day!

32. Happy people aren’t those who have everything in the world but those who appreciate what they have. May you become one of the happiest souls to have ever lived on earth! Happy birthday, bro!

33. How could I forget all the times we got into trouble when we were growing up together? Or all the creative ways you helped me get out of trouble? Happy Birthday, bro, from your “partner in crime.”

34. It doesn’t matter whether you have millions in your bank account or you are penniless. Once you are alive and kicking, that’s all that matters. I hope you make this special day the best one you have had so far. Happy birthday!

35. Happy birthday, dearest brother. Please, don’t forget that you carry in you so much potency to translate all your dreams into reality. I wish you physical health and wisdom to accomplish all you desire.

36. Celebrate today, knowing that you are one of the greatest treasures life has ever gifted me. Wishing you tons of fun on your birthday anniversary, dear brother!

37. The most amazing part of growing up was you. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday my brother.

38. On your Birthday, I wish that the Almighty blesses you with good luck, happiness, love, good health and success in every walk of your life. You truly deserve it. Wishing you a very happy birthday, as you read my brother birthday wishes!

39. Brother, you undoubtedly the most amazing and inspiring person that I have ever met. Thank you so much for your support and guidance in my life. Ensure you have a joyful and unforgettable day!

40. Brother, I know you have really accomplished a lot in this life and I sincerely congratulate you for that. May much love, success, good health and joy walk with you through the remaining aspects of your journey in this world. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

41. Have no fear of going after the desires of your heart because God brought you to this world to do the exceptional. I wish you a birthday filled with blessings from the deepest treasuries of heaven

42. Your Birthday reminds me of all the fantastic memories that we’ve shared in our lives. Let’s go down the memory lane and celebrate those awesome moments on this special day. Happy Birthday brother!

43. Your intense devotion for this family is out of this world. You’re selfless, your charming and my best friend. Happy birthday brother.

44. Thank you so much for being there for me all times. I do wish you all the best on your birthday.

45. I do love you so much, even when you fight with me.  You wouldn’t understand how much I love you. have in common with the bogus quarrels. But don’t bother me again. Be a good man now. Ha Ha Ha. Happy Birthday my dearest brother.

46. You already prove me wrong several times before, little brother. And I will never under-underestimate you anymore. Happy Birthday!

47. No matter how difficult this life may seem, just face it with much zeal and trust in yourself that you can make it. If you do this, no obstacle on your path to success can’t be conquered. Happy birthday!

48. Your new age has countless blessings in store for you so arm yourself with faith, hope and the willingness to succeed. Have the merriest and sweetest of birthday festivities!

49. You are always there for me. You are a good friend. You are a good brother. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday brother!

50. You always turn my tears in to smiles, when I had problems you gave me advice. All I want to say to you on your birthday is this: you are the best brother in the world and I love you.

51. Happy birthday to the best brother that I will cherish forever.

52. I love you with all my heart. I would never change a thing, having you as my brother is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Happy birthday brother!

53. Although I had to take money from your credit card for this gift yet I’m so happy to buy your favorite gift. Many many happy returns of the day my dearest brother.

54. Thank you for making growing up so much fun. The memories we’ve created are more colorful thanks to you. Have a special celebration on your birthday.

55. Happy birthday to the greatest brother with the biggest heart. There is no one like you.

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

56. To the best brother in the world, I wish you all the best on this your birthday.

57. You are my accomplice in progress, my role model, and my close friend. Happy birthday and I love you always. Accept my brother birthday wishes.

58. I wish you peace, love, joy health and joy on your birthday. A brother like you worths all the best in life. Thank you for all that you do.

59. My protector, my compadre, my hero, my brother. May you get the best of everything on your birthday.

60. You shine like the brightest star in the sky. You are a perfect dude in my eyes. I could never ask for a better brother than you. I hope you have the best birthday.

61. My lovely brother, no matter what life throws at us, I’ve always got your back. Happy birthday bro.

62. Have I told you I’ll be requesting my bank for a bigger locker so that I can stow off my biggest asset which is YOU. Happy birthday, as you accept my brother birthday wishes.

63. It was amazing the way I grew up. I laughed alongsides with you, I cried with you, I can even remember I fought with you. Oh yes I kicked your ass too. I just had to remind you. Happy Birthday Brother!

64. It is high time we popped out some champagne, make some noise, dish out some food, throw some confetti and burst some balloons. I wish you a thunderous Happy Birthday, dear brother!

65. I will always be with you just like you have always have been for me. May god bless you with joy, health and success on your birthday.

66. Siblings engage in rivalries, but I’d love to think of it as older and younger sibling competition. You win the age competition all times.

67. Brother, if we were on the Titanic I would share the door with you… unlike when Rose hogged the entire door and let Jack freeze to death in the frigid ocean. Happy Birthday to my first and forever friend.

Conclusion on Brother Birthday Wishes

I hope you knew that sending brother birthday wishes to your brothers is one of the best ways you can pay respect and intense honour to your brother. Above are the happy birthday wishes for brothers and as I promised were compiled for you, so that you will always discover just the appropriate wish at the perfect time. We hope you will make use of these as the best birthday wishes to your brothers.

Mr Tech Baze is a Computer Programmer. He loves computer programming and he is also a web designer and a developer.

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How to Start a Poultry Farming with Less Income to Invest



How to Start a Poultry Farming with Less Income to Invest. 

Start a Poultry Farming with Less Income… Have you ever thought about how you can start a poultry farming business? You likely have. When most people think of going into agriculture business, one of the first business ideas which come to their minds is poultry farming and there are good reasons for this.

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Start a Poultry Farming with Less Income

Poultry farming over the centuries has always been a very profitable agricultural venture to engage it. The rewards, if the business is properly managed, are certainly high.

Some of the most successful private citizens who have dabbled into agriculture and are successful have at some point incorporated poultry farming into their agricultural business or focused solely on it. Before we go into how you start poultry farming even with less income, let’s first address what poultry farming really is.

How to Start a Poultry Farming with Less Income to Invest. 

What is poultry farming?

Poultry farming is raising and/or breeding of domesticated birds like chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, for the aim of producing meat or eggs for food.  Basically a poultry farm is a dedicated place set aside for raising poultry birds for food or for sale but usually for sale.

One of the first things to ask is what is the type of poultry birds available and which is more profitable. They are all profitable depending on many factors like the demand, the favourable weather conditions, the cost of operation and so much more. We would discuss how you would go about this later in the article.

When deciding on poultry farming, you could either choose particular poultry bird to rear or rear them all if you want. Do take note that if you are rearing more than one poultry bird, they sometimes require different specifications. For example, the specifications or modifications to the feeding pattern or feed and housing requirements for chickens and turkeys are different; same with ducks and geese.

Branches of Poultry Farming.

Now that you know what poultry farming is, let’s go further by finding out the branches of poultry farming you can choose from.

BROILERS BREEDING: This type of poultry farming is strictly for meat production. You`ll grow your broilers and sell them in whole to the customers. Broilers grow at an astonishing rate. Within a space of 6 and 7 weeks, most broilers have matured to adulthood and prepared to be marketed and consumed.

How to Start a Poultry Farming with Less Income to Invest. 

LAYERS BREEDING: In layers breeding you’re breeding your layer chickens with the most basic aim of them laying unfertilized eggs regularly. The thing is, the egg production rate of these layers would decrease over the months and in about 2 years or so the egg-laying capability of the layer chickens would reduce and would have to be sold off as meat. Before then you surely would have recouped the money invested in housing, feeding and treating the layer heads so don’t worry about losing out.


POULTRY FEED PRODUCTION: This branch focuses sole on making healthy poultry  food and marketing them to poultry farmers or middlemen  in measured amounts.

THE HATCHERIES: Here you’ve got folks that hatch chicken and alternative birds. This facet of poultry farming business is incredibly vital (though not common) as a result of the health of a bird is set by the effectiveness of the property method.

POULTRY EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION: Here you would have to create all the poultry farming equipments which are require which range from feed trough, cages, lighting and so much more.

GIVING POULTRY CONSULTING SERVICES: This is pretty self-explanatory.

How to Start a Poultry Farming – Complete Guide.

Now that you know everything involved with poultry farming, how then do you start poultry farming even with less income. Below are proven steps to follow.

1. CARRY OUT MARKER SURVEYS: This is to ensure that the market for your poultry farm products are available and the asking price and cost of running the farm.

2. ACQUIRE LAND IN A SUITABLE LOCATION: Try to get a land which is either for rent or yours which is at least 5 plots for a start. You might be thinking, “But I would be starting on a small scale because of my less income so why do I need to get 5 plots of land for a start?” You should know  poultry birds need to be properly spaced to allow free movement, avoid pecking which is very injurious and to reduce diseases.

Once you’ve got a land that’s sufficiently big for your poultry farm, most of the work has been done but don’t relent on your effort! If your poultry farm would be situated in urban areas and in large cities especially, get a land that large or any land even is every difficult so if you have that covered, your poultry farming business is more than certain to take off, the risk of it polluting the environment and wastes going into water ways or water sources.

You should have in mind that you would be able to start a poultry farm in a residential area due to the many health risks involved like the foul odour, the risk of disease outbreaks

3. GET FUNDING FOR YOUR POULTRY BUSINESS: You would have to fund the costs of running the business before you make profits so you need to have capital. There are many loan schemes by the Bank of Agriculture which is slated for farmers.

Try to apply for these schemes but bear in mind that registered businesses are first considered so many you might want to get your business registered with the relevant bodies if you expect this source to fund your poultry farming business.

4. BUILD POULTRY HOUSES FOR YOUR BIRDS: The poultry houses have to be built and fitted to specification to accommodate the poultry birds. Lightening, measurements, cages or batches e.t.c

5. BUY POULTRY BIRDS: It is advisable that you buy them as day-old chicks to raise them to be any type of poultry you want them to be.

6. BUY POULTRY FEEDS: Of course, the poultry feeds to be bought depend on the type of bird you intend to raise. Consult with experts

7. Employ a skilled helper on your poultry farm.

What’s your take on this? We believe this article was helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Google plus.

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Top 20 Richest Football Clubs In 2021; Juventus Is Ranked 10th, See Barcelona’s Rank



Top 20 Richest Football Clubs In 2021; Juventus Is Ranked 10th, See Barcelona’s Rank.

When it comes to the biggest clubs in history and the World of football, the first 2 names in our minds are no doubt Barcelona and Juventus, probably because of the presence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the clubs respectively. However, that doesn’t matter at all, as you will be amazed to see the stance of your favorite clubs in the top 20 richest clubs in 2021.

A club’s financial status doesn’t depend on its popularity or so. Though, the finance of football clubs has significantly decreased through 2019, 2020, and 2021 since the arrival of the deadly disease, Coronavirus. The latest results showed that the top 20 clubs, all based in Europe, manage to accrue a combined €8.2 billion during the 2019-20 season before decreasing down by 12 percent.

Leaving all those statistics aside, the main question is Which club is the richest in the world?. According to Deloitte rankings, Lionel Messi’s side, Barcelona was named the richest club in the world with a narrow space ahead of the Spanish rivals, Real Madrid with €715.1 million and €714.9 million respectively. 

Most of you might be thinking about what position the Portugal Captain, Cristiano Ronaldo’s side might be in. Well, Juventus are ranked 10th with an also a slight margin ahead of the English Premier League Gunners, Arsenal with an estimate of €397.9 million and €388 million respectively. In order not to spoil the fun, below are the world’s top 20 richest football clubs (according to Deloitte 2021 Football Money League rankings):

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How to Fix NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF Loan Application Invalid bvn Issues



How to Fix NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF Loan Application Invalid bvn Issues. learnt that some applicants experience invalid bvn issues while applying for NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF Loan.

Here we are going to help you.

Although it could be due to technical issues such as downtime being experienced on the portal due to third-party verification services related to loan applications.

This guide will help you on how you can successfully apply for COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan for Nigerians.

How to Fix NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF Loan Application Invalid bvn Issues.

  • For Applicants applying for the household loan visit
  • For Applicants applying for microenterprises or SMEs loan visit
  • Click on “NEW” and then click on next. Your application reference number will pop up, kindly write it down or screenshot it. It will be required when you try to login to check the progress of your application.
  • Then click on continue to proceed and then NEXT.
  • The new page will request you to fill in your personal information, this includes, your bvn, names, state of origin, etc.
  • Note, do not fill your bvn immediately. Kindly fill in your state of residence, enter your email, confirm your email, enter your marital status, phone number and then answer the rest of the questions you are allowed to answer.

At this stage, you will see that you still cannot edit your name, gender and birth status, please ignore and go ahead and fill in your Bank (BVN) Verification Number (BVN). Your Bank Verification Number should be the last part to be filled.

In clearer terms “Answer all the questions you have entered. Then type your BVN and press next on your keyboard. This will boot the BVN and once your BVN is authenticated, every line you can access cannot be written by themselves”.

Then click the next button to continue, it will move you to the next step but if the page doesn’t move any further please reload the page again and try these steps again, but I am pretty sure this will move to the next step.

Under NMFB management, the Bank and its partners are constantly working to ensure that operations are resolved quickly in the short term.

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