Do You Have a Small Hole In Front Of The Ear, See What It Mean

A small hole in front of the ear is medically known as preauricular pit. It may occur on both ears or one ear, and there may be more than one hole on the ear. It is a sign of abnormality.

There are no symptoms of preauricular on a person with it, but the hole can sometimes infected and surgery may be necessary.

In this piece, you may know more about preauricular pits, causes and treatments.

Although the holes are not complicated and do not cause irregularities. The holes may be inherited, that means they can run in families.

These are Signs of preauricular pit

1. Pain

3. Fever

3. Redness

4. Swelling in and around the pit

5. Fluid drainage from the pit

Small hole on the ear has many different names which includes

1. Preauricular tracts

2. Ear pits

3. Preauricular fissures

4. Preauricular cysts

5. Preauricular sinuses

How preauricular pit occurs?

It started at birth as a small pit on the upper ear between the face. It occurs during embryo development, during the gestation period.
Is preauricular pit harmful to the body?

The answer is no, they are usually harmless and doesn’t require any treatment. But you may use antibiotics prescribed by the doctor to clear it up.

Can preauricular pit be infected?

Yes, the preauricular pit can be infected. And it will recommend surgical removal of the pit if infected.

So, this is the brief explanation of the tiny hole on the ear. We learned that a hole in front of the ear occur from birth, and is relatively Common birth abnormality. It is harmless, people with small hole on their ears are healthy. Removal of a preauricular pit is not necessary unless it is infected. When this happens, the infection requires immediate treatment with antibiotics or surgical removal.

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