YouTube Community Tab: Advantages Of Getting 1000 Subscribers


YouTube Community Tab: Advantages Of Getting 1000 Subscribers


First I want to use this medium to thank everyone that is active subscribers on my YouTube channel (Ijiga A Godwin i see you bro, one of my constant viewers), without you guys Trybeweb will not be where it is today.
There are several advantages of reaching 1000 subscribers, the most obvious and important one is that you have reached the minimum number of required subscribers needed for monetization.
Aside monetization, 1000 subscribers unlocks a YouTube feature called COMMUNITY. YouTube Community is a feature that allows content creators to interact with their subscribers without needing to upload new videos. YouTube Community tab doesn’t show immediately a channel gets to 1000 subs, although it is an automated feature, YouTube takes between 2 days to a week to verify the authenticity of your subscribers before unlocking Community Tab. 
It is well known that YouTube is a social media, and like most social medias. YouTube allows users with at least 1000 subscribers to share images, texts, and polls with their community.
Getting your Community feature opened is very important as it helps you draw your subscribers closer to your channel. It increases the interaction between your channel and the subscribers thus making them active.


Getting 1000 subscribers does not guarantee that all your videos will get at least 1000 viewers. People watched different videos on your channel which turned them from viewers to Subscribers. Some of your contents might be appealing to some of your subscribers while other subscribers might opt not to watch them. Using the community tab can help you interact with your subscribers, know what they want and also update them about your channel.


  • Text Updates : This feature allows YouTube content creators to share written words to their subscribers. You can use this to notify your subscribers about new updates to your old videos. Also, you can use it to let them know about your upcoming videos and what to expect from your channel.
  • Images : You can share images, thumbnails, and other images of your upcoming videos. Getting the attention of people on social media is easier when you use images than plain texts.
  • Videos : Just like stories on Facebook and Instagram, you can also share short videos videos on YouTube. This short videos can be snippets of your upcoming video. Sharing a preview of an upcoming video will draw the attention of your subscribers and also create awareness before the videos is released, thus giving you more views on that particular video.
  • Polls : The best way to get information from your subscribers is by using polls.  You can use polls on your YouTube community to ask certain question and get feedbacks from both your subscribers and non-subscribers. I love using YouTube Community Polls because it helps me understand what my subscribers wants. If you have multiple unpublished videos, you can use your community feature to notify your subscribers about those videos and run a poll to know which of the video your subscribers would like to watch first.


YouTube Community is a very good feature especially for content creator still around 1000 subscribers. The difference between a big YouTube channel and a small one is how active their subscribers are.

Make great contents, interact with your subscribers both in the comments section of videos and in the community tab, and watch your channel skyrocket in a short while.

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