10 businesses in Nigeria that will be giving you good money every month

The reason why citizens of other countries still come here not minding our security climate and myriads of challenges and problems related to small-scale businesses today. it’s because many these foreigners can see what we are blind to – an inventory of fast-growing businesses.

Many Nigerians are blind to the very fact that each challenge around them provides an avenue to get lucrative small-scale business opportunities for investment. Your capacity to supply solutions to public problems especially during a developing country like ours may be a key to a financial breakthrough.

After checking around, including my experience as a business consultant over the years, I even have finally compiled a number of the foremost lucrative investment opportunities hospitable us.

Below is an updated list of profitable small businesses anyone can start.

Best 10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In Nigeria

1. Providing Security

Setting up a security firm may be a profitable business.

We have come to conclude that everybody should be liable for the preservation of his life and property, so it’s not surprising to ascertain people found out security outfits which supply security personnel to man estates, as bodyguards for wealthy individuals, security guards for banks and large companies also as providing security during an occasion may be a lucrative business idea.

Here is all it takes to urge contracts for your security company .

2. Sales Of Steel Rods , Cement And Other Building Materials

Buying and selling cement and other building materials starting from tiles, WC bowls, roofing sheets, metal doors, re-reinforcements, asbestos among others may be a very lucrative investment if you check out the amount of latest building projects happening across the country daily.

I have two colleagues who are constantly making millions from this profitable enterprise. You can’t mention once you thriving businesses during this economy without making any regard to the booming business of

buying and selling building materials.

3. land Business

One way to become rich within a really short time is to travel into the business of landed and housing properties. This lucrative business of shopping for and selling landed and housing properties may be a money-spinner, i will be able to always recommend to people that have the capital but are confused about the simplest business to take a position .

A lot of individuals just refill money in several accounts with none concrete move towards entrepreneurship.

Real estate investment is capital intensive but you’ll enter partnership with other investors to create low and high-cost accommodation units, student hostels, hotels, shopping malls, and event center is one among the simplest thanks to make it big from one among man’s basic need, ‘shelter’

4. Restaurant Business

Canteen business is another hot business that moves fast immediately . This good business is one that creates tons of cash on a daily business because food isn’t a luxury.

If you’ll get your business location right, and you’re equipped with the required skills, you’ll generate many wealth from this hot business idea.

5. Internet Business

Many people, even students make millions monthly off the web legitimately. talk about prominent bloggers like Abe of practical business ideas and Linda of LindaIkeji also as big online stores like Konga and Jumia .

Online Business is unarguably one among the foremost profitable small scale business in Nigeria with low capital today that Nigerian students and youth make money with.

Tapping into the large population which is one among the country’s assets, tons of web entrepreneurs make cool dollars

offering services like affiliate marketing, information marketing, Bulk SMS services, payment exchange, web design and development, SEO, etc.

6. Small Scale Production

Need profitable businesses a pregnant mother can do reception in Nigeria?

Another powerful item on this list of hot business ideas is cosmetics and fashion accessories production. After a fruitless look for employment , many

graduates have discovered solid wealth within the production of toothpick, chalk, candle, soap, shampoo, paint, air freshener, bleach, insecticide, and other home items .

These are some good businesses you’ll start after you shut from work.

It is worthy to notice that although you’ll start the manufacture of a number of these products with as little capital as N5000, your success hangs on how effective your packaging and marketing is. this is often one among the thriving home businesses for now.

7. Livestock Farming

Raising livestock for money may be a sure floodgate to riches. Poultry farming and fish farming businesses top the list of those profitable business ventures. this is often thanks to the recent ban by the govt on the importation of frozen fish and poultry products consequently making supply unable to satisfy the demand.

Piggery, goat farming, rabbit farming, snail farming, cattle farming, grasscutter farming are other areas of this lucrative business idea you’ll invest in.

8. Recruitment Firm

With currently over five million unemployed youth and therefore the teeming population of latest graduates joining them year in year out, most companies have resorted to contracting out their recruitment process.

Many of them aren’t able to undergo the strain of recruitment exercise, neither are they curious about recruiting permanent staff. This has made supplying contract staff to those companies a lucrative investment as you’ll also provide CV rewriting and staff training services.

9. Transport And Haulage Business

For people that have time on their hands to manage this business, transportation is one among the foremost lucrative businesses. Whether inter or intra-state, the transportation business is one among the foremost profitable businesses to start out . You’ll discover that the majority investors recover their initial capital within a couple of months.

Getting sound, fuel-efficient vehicles, and reliable drivers are key to the success of the haulage business. Although it’s management-intensive, the haulage of products and petroleum businesses an honest investment idea. What some people do is buy a truck and contract it bent a haulage and logistics company for weekly or monthly returns.

10. Plantation Farming

Plantation farming is one among the simplest small scale business opportunities due to the steady source of income that it gives most farmers. Today, there are several money-making cash crops that you simply can plant and sell the products per annum for huge returns.

If you’re thinking of starting a plantation farm, you’ll got to buy accessible farmland and begin the cultivation of plantain, cocoa, cassava, oil palm, kola nut, and other crops

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