Reasons I Tendered My Resignation As A Teacher.

No doubt that being a teacher is a noble profession, but there are lots of distractions especially if you are teaching the Senior Secondary classes. In fact, It takes a disciplined person to be a good teacher.

Lots of students are present in school for different reasons, some are in school to learn, some to make new friends, some to explore erotic desires, and others just want to live there troublesome parents, uncles or aunties that won’t stop sending them on errands.

It was as if the teenage students in my school are not in school to learn but to socialize. I have gotten several love letters from many secret admirers in the past. But early in the year, I received a Facebook message from a student in SS 2 acting funny, It is not like I am a pastor but I’m principled, I don’t do underage.

At times I wonder what this world is gradually turning into? I could recall during my secondary school days, we displayed good morals, between students to their teachers, children to parents, or elders in the society. But I keep wondering where this generation got these behaviors features.

At some point, I got tired of the harassment from my female students, and I decided to tender my resignation before the covid 19 lock down, to enable me focus on other important aspects of life, rather than thinking of random things that may bring shame and disgrace.

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