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How To Pass WAEC 2021 In One Sitting With Straight A’s [Tips That Work]



How To Pass WAEC 2021 In One Sitting With Straight A’s [Tips That Work].

How to pass WAEC 2021 in one sitting – You want to know how to read for WAEC examination and get straight A’s without expo? Well, you are right on track.


In today’s WAEC guide, I am going to show you the top secrets to pass WAEC 2021 plus materials and resources you need to prepare for WAEC in 2021. I will cover:

  • how to pass WAEC 2021 in flying colours
  • how to get straight A’s in WAEC 2021 examination
  • how to read for WAEC examination 2021

You will agree with me that people who fail WAEC are more than those who pass every year.

Statistics have shown that a greater percentage of candidates that sit for WAEC and WAEC GCE end up failing their exam.

In fact, only a small percentage pass their exams with at least 6 credits.

Why is this so?

Most people don’t know how to prepare for WAEC and pass while others simply depend on expo to pass.

Now, let me warn you that the tips I am going to reveal to you in this article works 99.99% of the time. The remaining 0.01% is for those who have issues with their village people.

Interestingly, I now have a solution to that also. Don’t worry, I will reveal everything to you in this article.

Irrespective of the WAEC marking guide for 2021, these tips will help you pass WAEC without stress of expo or looking for 2021/2022 WAEC questions and answers around.

So, if you are scared of having 9 straight A’s and B’s in your 2021 WAEC exam, then you should stop reading this article. If not, enjoy the guide.

There is no time to beat around the bush. Join me as I take you through the journey of how to pass WAEC 2021 easily without any expo!

How To Pass WAEC 2021 In One Sitting

  • Start Preparing For WAEC Early
  • Study The Best Textbooks Effectively
  • Study WAEC Past Questions
  • Cover The Syllabus
  • Consistent Practice Is The Key
  • Learn How To Answer WAEC Questions
  • Forget About WAEC Expo And Be O.Y.O
  • Consider Joining A Study Group
  • Work On Your Weak Areas
  • Focus A Little More On Your Core Subjects
  • Write Legibly
  • Manage Your Time Properly
  • Pray

Now, enjoy the most important part of the article below.

  1. Start Preparing For WAEC Early

The earlier, the better. This is true in this game and many more.

If you want to increase your chance of passing WAEC, you need to really start preparing very early. 

In one of my articles on reasons why students fail WAEC, JAMB and NECO, I stated late preparation as one of the causes of bad performance.

In fact, the best time to start preparing for JAMB is when you’re in SSS1. The next best is when you’re in SSS1.

If you think you need to enter SSS3 before you start preparing for WAEC, my brother/sister, you are wasting time already.

If you start very early, you have more time to cover the whole syllabus

The funny thing is I have seen people trying to prepare for WAEC exam in one night or one week when they had not studied before at all.

  1. Study The Best Textbooks Effectively

Noticed how I put 2 powerful words (best and effectively) in the sentence? Yes, they are not there for fun.

What I am saying is;

  • Use the best textbooks to prepare for WAEC
  • Read this textbooks effectively

If you can do these 2 things, you are one step closer to getting straight A’s in your WAEC 2021 examination.

That’s not all.

The questions you should ask me right now are:

  • What are the best textbooks to read for WAEC 2021 and where to get them
  • How to study for WAEC effectively and remember

I will quickly answer those before we move to the next point.

First, WAEC does not release the list of recommended textbooks for all their subjects. However, they released for some subjects in the WAEC syllabus.

If you have the WAEC Syllabus, you can scroll to the last page of each subject to see if the recommended textbooks are there.

If there is no recommended textbooks, here’s what you should do:

Use JAMB recommended textbooks to prepare for WAEC!

Yes, after careful look, I found out that there is no difference between WAEC questions and JAMB questions.

In fact, I used the same textbooks to prepare for WAEC and JAMB and I passed both easily. Both exams are still O’level standard.

So, follow the link below to download JAMB recommended textbooks to prepare for your WAEC exam.

Now to the second questions, “how to study for WAEC 2021 effectively and remember everything you read”.

The good news is that I have already written a complete guide on that. Read it below.

The study guides below will help you read better for WAEC too, you should check them out:

Now that I have settled that, let’s move to the important part.

  1. Study WAEC Past Questions

Has someone ever told you that WAEC repeats past questions? Well, they are right.

If no one has told you before, well, now you know.

But… There’s more to it.

WAEC examiners do not always repeat questions the way they used to.

Sometimes, they change the words. Other times, they twist the questions.

The most important thing is that the questions still mean the same thing.

There is one last secret.

There is an IDEAL WAY of using past questions to pass WAEC exam in 2021.

Don’t just go ahead to buy WAEC past questions and start cramming it like news.

The guide below will help you use WAEC past questions and answers the RIGHT WAY!

NOTE: The article is titled, “how to pass JAMB using past questions”. However, it works very well for WAEC and NECO. The content is neutral and you will find it helpful irrespective of the exam you are writing.

WAEC Past Questions And Answers Is The Expo You Need In 2021. It Will Reveal How WAEC Sets Their Questions And Possible Questions That Will Come Out In 2021

Now, let’s move on.

  1. Cover The Syllabus

If you want to pass WAEC 2021, do not underestimate this point. In fact, WAEC syllabus is what I call the WAEC expo.

If you can complete the topics and sub-topics listed in the syllabus, you won’t have any problem at all.

Also, completing WAEC syllabus can help boost your self-confidence which is one thing that can help you perform better in WAEC 2021.

QUICK TIP: If you are preparing for NECO, you can use WAEC syllabus to prepare since NECO syllabus is not available.

  1. Consistent Practice Is The Key

If I ask you most of the things you were taught 2-3 years ago in school, you may have forgotten most of them.

Isn’t it?

See, the truth is that it happens to most of us.

When you read, you may know it (if you use techniques that work). However, you may forget some of it.

Effective study techniques can help you remember what you read forever. On the other hand, practice will make what you read become part of you.

Have you ever seen someone who sees examination questions and hiss at it?

I got pissed off when I saw my JAMB questions. They were too simple. In fact, I knew I will score well above 300 at the time I submitted.

How did I do that?

I prepared enough and practiced a lot!

Furthermore, constant practice will help to improve your time management skill. You will learn how to answer questions within the given time and still have enough time to cross-check.

So, if you read this article to then end and you don’t take action, then it is almost useless as not reading it at all.

Practice very well with WAEC past questions and answers and you will see how much you WAEC 2021 examination will become easier for you.

  1. Learn How To Answer WAEC Questions

Have you ever missed a question because you didn’t see the word “NOT” in the question until after you have submitted?

Well, that’s one of the most painful thing especially when you actually know the answer to the question.

I’m sure you know that there are marking guides, right?

Yes, WAEC mark candidates’ answer sheets using guidelines. If you don’t follow these guides, you will lose marks anyhow.

The important question now is, “how do I answer WAEC questions in 2021 and get full mark?”

Some of these tips will help:

  • Read the question at least twice before you answer each question
  • Identify the keywords – Compare, Define, Explain, Describe, Differentiate, Summarize and Prove can all mean different things. So, make sure you understand all
  • Do not beat around the bush, go straight to the point
  • Follow the instructions given to your by the invigilator and the one written in front of your exam paper
  • Make sure your answer is on topic and give clear answers
  • In English comprehension, read the passage careful and take note of keywords
  • Under Summary section in English, avoid mindless lifting of words – Summarize in your own words
  • When writing essays/letter, know the type of essay/letter you are asked to write and the rule guiding each before you start (e.g single address for informal letter and double addresses for formal letter, heading in capital letter or underlined in formal letter e.t.c)
  • In Mathematics, avoid skipping steps as much as you can. They will fetch you mark and give the examiner the impression that you really know what you are doing.
  • Review your answers over and over before you submit
  1. Forget About WAEC Expo

If you depend on WAEC expo, you are going to prepare for WAEC far less than you should.

In fact, some may even decide not to read for WAEC 2021 exam at all.

The problems with depending on WAEC expo?

  • It will lower your self-esteem
  • You will not be able to defend your result
  • Even if you pass WAEC/NECO with expo, JAMB and Post UTME are awaiting for you
  • Your result could be cancelled/withheld

The truth is you do not need expo to pass WAEC at all. This is one simple truth a lot of candidate have failed to believe.

Instead of looking for WAEC expo, use:

  • Good textbooks
  • WAEC syllabus
  • WAEC past questions and answers

Combine the three (3) materials above and you are going to BLAST WAEC 2021 ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  1. Consider Joining A Study Group

Studying in groups is one of the most effective technique I use to prepare for an exam.

When I teach people the things I know, I usually understand it better and I never forget such things.

Also, if you tell me something I don’t know, I am very unlikely to forget.

You know why?

Everyone wants to know what others know!

Nobody wants to be left behind.

Nobody knows it all, but you can also pick people’s brain. In turn, all of you understand new things, remember more and pass together.

So, seek friends who share common interest and goal with you (to pass WAEC 2021) and form a study discussion group.

  1. Work On The Subjects You Don’t Know

You like some subjects better than others, isn’t it?

The same way you understand and know some subjects more than others.

For example, I am in love with Chemistry and Physics and I used to hate Biology (this time not because I didn’t know it, but rather because I just didn’t like that it had too much stories to cram)

Have you discovered yourself?

Which subject do you understand easily and which one do you really hate reading?

Once you know that, it is time you start working on that your weak point.

The truth is that subject you hate might turn out to be easier that the ones you like. You just haven’t put in enough effort.

If you happen not to still understand the subject after putting so much effort (I mean something like reading it for hours daily), then seek for help from a friend who knows it or a senior or teacher.

  1. Focus A Little More On Your Core Subjects

It is not only your weak point that you should focus on, you should know your core subjects and focus on them.

For almost all candidates, it is compulsory that you have at least credit in Mathematics and English. For science students, Physics and Chemistry are usually also required and Biology included for Medical/health sciences students.

If you want to study law, Government, Literature and on or more art/social science subjects will also be required.

If you score A’s and B’s in these 5-6 courses used in grading in some schools like OAU, UNILAG e.t.c, it will boost your aggregate score and increase your chance of gaining admission.

So, what am I saying?

If you spend 2 hours daily on other subjects, spend 3-4 hours on your core subjects but do not neglect your other subjects totally.

Other core subjects may include Commerce, Geography, Economics, and Account depending on the O’level subject combination for your desired course of study.

  1. Write Legibly

If your hand writing is bad, it can really affect your WAEC score. No marker will stress himself or herself to see what you’ve written down when there are hundreds or thousands of papers to mark.

Even when you write the right thing, you may lose marks if your writing is not legible enough.

So, if you fall into this category, find a friend with a good writing and tell him/her to help you out.

You can start by buying a 2D notebook.

Don’t be ashamed of improving your handwriting or you will end up being ashamed of showing your WAEC result.

  1. Learn How To Manage Your Time

I have seen people who really know the correct answers to 95% of exam questions but still failed because “the time was not enough”.

If you know it but you can’t manage your time to put it down, then it is like not knowing it.

The fact is that there is no excuse for failure.

Nobody will listen to your excuses if you fail.

If you tell them you knew the answer but the time was not enough, they won’t believe you.

Even if they do, it won’t change your WAEC result.

If you want to pass WAEC 2021 without stress, you really need to learn to manage your time to destroy all the questions given to you (and still have enough time to cross-check)

So, if you are wondering, “how to answer WAEC questions fast and correctly?

The simple secret answer is PRACTICE.

If you practice WAEC past questions and answers series consistently, your speed will increase geometrically.

  1. Pray

You can do everything I have said above and still not pass WAEC. That is when the “village people” factor comes in.

Don’t allow your village people to use your WAEC result to sell puff-puff.

Pray while you prepare for WAEC, during your exam and even when you are waiting for your result to come out.

See, there is nothing worse than having your examination script marked by the wrong person. Some people mark nice than others, pray in your own way.

Whether you are a Christian/muslim/others, pray to your God the way you know how to.

Other Things To Take Note Of:

  • Go to the exam hall early
  • Check your timetable daily and connect with friends – I have a friend that missed a paper because she didn’t check her timetable properly. Download WAEC timetable 2021 here.
  • Follow instructions given to you properly
  • On the examination day, crosscheck your work properly before you submit


Passing WAEC is not hard if you know what you are doing and prepare the right way.

Studying enough is not sufficient to pass WAEC in 2021. You need to study THE RUGHT WAY, set your priorities right, manage your time right and use the right materials.

I hope you really enjoyed the guide on how to pass WAEC. If yes, don’t forget to drop a comment below. We love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Finally, help others by sharing the article using the share buttons below. Thanks For Reading.

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6. BUY POULTRY FEEDS: Of course, the poultry feeds to be bought depend on the type of bird you intend to raise. Consult with experts

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