Get MTN 30GB at an Affordable Rate

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Most of my followers said they ‘re people selling Mtn 30 GB data plan for 3000 or more out there
4000 Because of the activation process, which seems to be a trick or a cheat, but still hasn’t come to it.
Our note we ‘re going to update you guys when we get to know about it, but it’s probably the safest way to do it.Get MTN 30GB at an Affordable Rate

You may be paid for the activation process, but the 30 GB plan is about to be shared with me.

You ‘re not cheating or tricking,its just an MTN data plan that seems to be hidden in 20 GB plan

As you know MTN is providing cheap and inexpensive data service compared to another network provider just to attract more customers and data users.

People actually make use of a large amount of data doing this quarantine time so we just found a way to get mtn 20 GB data plan And 30 GB data plan at an affordable rate.

How To Get MTN 20GB Data Plan

  1. Dial the following code to get to the data plan set-up or follow up.
  2. *131# and select data plan option which one 1 and.
  1. Select option three 3 followed by 6 that all.
  2. Your line will be credited with 20GB which has a 100% data bonus.
  3. Mtn 10GB + Mtn 10GB = 20GB that’s it for the Mtn 20GB plan which is for 3,500.#
  4. Another way to activate this mtn 20GB data plan is by dialing *121# on your mobile phone.
  1. And select the data offer for me option and you will find the 20GB plan below in the plan listed there.

Let’s quickly move to the activation process of the 30GB data plan.

How To Get MTN 30GB Data Plan

  • Follow my lead through the following code to activate the 30GB plan.
  • Dial *131# and selected option 1 followed by.
  • Option 3 then makes a selection on option 7 to subscribe to the plan 15GB for 5000.
  • Yea it’s quite cheap and affordable as at my notice most people that sell 30GB which tend to cheat sell it at 4000 so I don’t see much difference in it, for it’s better to go for this than cheat.
  • Incase your MTN line with be credited with Mtn 15GB + Mtn 15GB = 30GB which is equivalent to Mtn 30GB

That’s about that, I hope my info is reliable to you? If so let me know view the comments section.Get MTN 30GB at an Affordable Rate

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