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Latest Glo 100 Naira Cheat 2021 120gb Free: Glo Data Cheat 2021



Glo 100 naira cheat 2021  – If you are searching for the best and cheap Glo data cheat 2021. To make sure that data is affordable, Glo Nigeria have taken the bold step and activate 100 naira cheats that is available for her subscribers.


In this blog post I will be showing you how you can enjoy unlimited browsing using your Glo sim. These Techbaze cheats cost only 100 naira. To activate it following the steps below and start enjoying free browsing and unlimited internet download.

How To Enjoy Unlimited Calls On Glo

How To Call Any Network Free With Glo

  • This cheat is Sim selected, but for best, find an Old Glo Sim.
  • Put it in your phone,Dial 042 first before the number you want to call and remove the first 0 from the number.
  • Example you want to call 08092929191 then dail 04280929191 then ‘call. Remember do not separate the numbers

New Glo Unlimited Data Cheat 2021 – Enjoy 100GB Free Data

For you to enjoy this Glo free browsing cheat 2021 you need the following.

  1. SIM: 2 Glo Sim cards
  2. Platform: Android/iOS
  3. Internet: 3G/4G
  4. Airtime: N200 (minimum)
  5. Activation Time: 2 hours+
  6. No VPN required

How To Activate Glo Free Data 100GB (Glo unlimited Free Browsing)

Many are selling the cheat but I decided to share it free. Enjoy before the ISP gets blocked.

  • Get Two Glo Sim Card
  • The first must be on Glo yakata. Dial *230# to migrate if not in Glo yakata.
  • Load your N200 airtime and above.
  • Subscribe to N200 Data plan (Yakata gives 250MB instead of 50MB for 1st month of recharge.
  • Now all the 250MB will be on your SIM, after 2 hours or exactly 2 hours.
  • Share the data to your second Glo Sim (dial *127*01* friend phone number# to share.
  • Now you will browse unlimited with the second Sim you shared data to. The 250MB data plan will not be touched. Remember you are subbed to 24 hours plan. So after that it will expire. So choose more plans like 7 days to enjoy more.

 Glo Cheat 2021 – Requirements

Here are requirements to enjoy new Glo free browsing cheats

  • A Glo SIM card with no data and credit
  • Smart phone or pc
  • Tunnel
  • Configuration Setting.

How to Activate Glo Free Data Cheat

  • Download tunnel CLICK HERE
  • Install the app and then open it.
  • Click on Stealth settings and then turn it on
  • Now configure this way:
    Connection Protocol: HTTP
    Connection Port: 80 or 443
    Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t Enable
    Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable

    Request Method: Post
    Injection Method: Normal
    Online Host: Tick
    Keep-Alive: Tick
    User-Agent: Tick
  • Generate and then save
  • Now click Save in the Stealth Settings.
    Advance SSL Settings:Don’t Enable
    5m.Click on connect button and wait for it to connect.

How To Activate Glo 100 Naira Cheat

For you to activate this Glo free browsing cheat, you must have up to 100 naira airtime on your sim. If you don’t have it, try get one. Now that you have 100 naira airtime in your phone, follow the steps below to activate free browsing on your Glo sim

• Using text message send 1 to 8070
• Then wait for confirmation message from Glo, telling you that you have successfully activated the 1GB data plan. “Dear Customer, your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated”
• To check your data plan balance dial #122*22#
• The given data is valid for 15GB, so endeavor to finish your data before the deadline.

If you encounter any difficulty in browsing, simply text PAYU to 127.

How To Enjoy Glo N200 For 10GB And N100 For 5GB

• Migrate to glo Jolliific by dailing *603#
• After migration, just recharge N100 or N200 to get whopping 5.2GB and 10.4GB respectively.

For this cheap to work for you: Your phone number be registered and connected to your bank account.

Enjoy 250MB For 100 Naira

It is very simply, make sure you have up to 100 naira airtime in your Glo sim. Then dial *303*2*1#.

You can use the data on Android phone, PC, blackberry and Iphone.

Please share this article Glo 100 naira cheat 2020 with friends and family on twitter and Facebook.

Mr Tech Baze is a Computer Programmer. He loves computer programming and he is also a web designer and a developer.

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GLO Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 – Enjoy GLO Free Data



GLO Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 – Enjoy GLO Free Data.

Hey guys, it have been long since I share GLO free browsing cheat. But guess what? This is hot and blazing. This page contains the latest GLO unlimited data cheat.

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Imagine enjoy data on GLO without data cap. I know you get angry when you get that annoying message saying you have exhausted your data. I do feel bad, but I got you covered. Glo free data 2021 is available for every GLO subscriber to enjoy.

Good news, the GLO free data cheat is not sim selective. It works on any glo sim card, bot old and new. The settings is very sim and easy.

How To Activate GLO Free Data Cheat 2021

Follow the guide below to enjoy GLO cheat 2021.

  • First, get two GLO sim card, there shouldn’t be any active data plan on it. The sim card can be 3G or 4G, anyone works well.
  • On the first GLO sim card, activate GLO night plan.
  • Share your data from the first sim you activated glo night plan to the second sim. You can dial *127*01*NUMBER#.
  • Now use the second sim you shared data to and browse. Make sure you exhaust the data plan you bought. Don’t use the first sim card to browse.
  • After exhausting the data on the second sim. Now you can turn your data connection of, but make sure you turn it on before 5AM unless this cheat wouldn’t work.
  • Turn it on before 5am then continue browsing once it is 5am. The data bundle wouldn’t reduce, you are on an unlimited plan. Now, you can browse and download anything you want.
  • Don’t turn off your data connection off again on the second sim. Unless you will wait till 12 am the next day. Then repeat the steps and enjoy GLO unlimited data cheat.

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This was very simple. I hope this guide on GLO Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 – Enjoy GLO Free Data was helpful? Now you can browse and download for free via GLO night plan.

Don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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Ghana Glo Unlimited Free Data Plan Using EC Tunnel



Ghana Glo Unlimited Free Data Plan . Hey FAM, in this post I will be showing you how to enjoy Glo Unlimited Free Data Plan. This is possible, using EC Tunnel. I have outlined the steps and guides you need to activate this unlimited free data plan.

The bad new is, the cheat works only on Ghana Glo yakata sim card. So if you don’t have one, get it now. Ghana Glo Unlimited Free Data Plan Using EC Tunnel

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It is very easy to enjoy and EC tunnel made it possible. You can use this free data cheat to stream on videos online and download heavy files.


How To Activate Ghana Glo Unlimited Free Data Plan – Glo Yakata Plan

  • First of all, migrate to Glo Yakata by dialing *455#
  • After that, buy 1 Cedi credit on the Glo sim
  • You will be given 200MB or 250MB Yakata bonus.
  • Your bundle will not be touched. Make sure you use EC Tunnel VPN, else it won’t work.
  • Kindly download EC Tunnel VPN from Playstore if you don’t have it before – Download here.
  • In Server, select any country server of your choice
  • In Tweaks, select GH|GLO Yakata Unlimited
  • Finally, tap on the green circle to Connect and wait for 10 seconds for it to connect.
  • After that, start browsing, downloading and streaming. Your 250MB won’t be touched.
  • When your 250MB expire, your EC Tunnel might not connect again. When this happens, kindly recharge your Glo sim again with 1 cedi credit and connect your EC Tunnel VPN again and enjoy unlimited surfing.

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Please enjoy and share with friends, don’t forget to join my telegram channel to receive more update any time we publish. Ghana Glo Unlimited Free Data Plan Using EC Tunnel

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New Airtel Night Plan Code 2021 – Airtel Night Browsing Codes & Price



Airtel Night plan 2021 is available for all Airtel subscriber. If you have been expecting a situation where you can browse at cool hour with low network jam. Enjoying cheap data rates for hours. Then Airtel Night browsing codes is the best option for you. New Airtel Night Plan Code 2021 – Airtel Night Browsing Codes & Price

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If you are a heavy data user, you want to watch movies online, you want to download heavy files, or stream football matches online. Airtel night data plans gives you opportunity to enjoy these things. Imagine accessing the internet at no limit. New Airtel Night Plan Code 2021 – Airtel Night Browsing Codes & Price

In this article, I will be showing you how to subscribe to Airtel middle night plan and how to check your data balance. It covers all you need to know about Airtel middle night browsing and data bundle.

Airtel Night Plan – How To subscribe To Airtel Mid Night Data Bundle

Airtel has the best Night plan compared to other networks. Though they have reduced their hourly data plan that allows you to download unlimited for 1 hour. I am so sorry you missed it. New Airtel Night Plan Code 2021 – Airtel Night Browsing Codes & Price

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To enjoy Airtel night browsing bundle you must be a subscriber on SmartTrybe tariff plan. One good thing about this plan apart from the cheap data offer. You will get increase on download speed, which is awesome and great.
This is from Airtel Official Facebook page about Smarttrybe plan

“SmartTrybe is special a special plan to keep its users connected to the Trybe. Subcribers can enjoy the best rates on data and exclusive data deals for night browsing”

How To Migrate Or Activate SmartTrybe

If you are not in this Airtel tariff plan you wouldn’t enjoy Airtel night plan. This implies that before you subscribe for Airtel night browsing plan. You must be on SmartTrybe platform.

Dial *312# then select 1 to“migrate” to the SmartTrybe

You will receive a message showing successful migration.

Airtel Night Browsing Plan Codes

The following are available Airtel mid night data bundle plan. If there is any update from Airtel Nigeria. This article will be updated with immediate effect to keep you current.

How To Subscribe For Airtel 500MB Night Plan

  • Dial *312#, a menu will pop up
  • Then reply 3 to get the Trybe offers.
  • Now, Press 1 to subscribe for the N25-500MB.
  • Given data is Valid for 5 hours (12am-5am). Once it is 5 am of the day of subscription, unused data will be taken back. Remember that this data plan can’t roll over or be renewed.


How To Subscribe For Airtel 1.5GB Night Plan

This is one of the most used airtel night plan code 2021. You can enjoy unlimited data and download heavy files using this airtel night bonus.

  • Now dial *312#
  • Proceed by replying 3 to get the Trybe offers.
  • Then Press 2 to subscribe for the N200-1500MB.
  • Given data is Valid for 5 hours (12am-5am). Once it is 5 am of the day of subscription, unused data will be taken back. Remember that this data plan can’t roll over or be renewed.

How To Check Airtel Night Plan Balance 2021

This will be a bad news, You can’t check Airtel night data plan 2021. Although sometimes they issue a warning once you are running out of data. This is not cool, we pray that Airtel Nigeria will add that feature soon.

However, they is a way to cap and check Night data usage. You can limit your data usage and keep track of data consumption. Follow my guide below to limit and track your Airtel night browsing plan.

  • Head to Phone settings
  • Select Data Usage
  • Toggle the cellular data limit
  • Set the data limit warning, so that you’ll be notified prior to the limit you set.

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How will this help Me?

If you purchase the 25 Naira night plan. Set your data limit to 500MB once that limit is reached you will be notified and hence stop data consumption.

Then if it is for the 1.5GB set your data limit warning to 1500MB that’s 1.5GB. Once you reach that limit you will receive warning that implies that your data have finish.

I hope the method discussed above on how to check Airtel night data balance is helpful? If so don’t forget to share this article and let others go be aware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel Night Browsing Plans

The following are questions that bother people concerning night data plan.

How To Renew Airtel Night Plan

Airtel mid night browsing plan cannot be renewed. Once it is after 5 am, unused data will be taken back. So, i advise you to give the data before 5 am each data.

Can I Subscribe For The Data Plan More Data Once In A Night

The last time I used this night browsing plan. You can only subscribe to a plan once. But maybe the policy have changed. You can try to subscribe more than once in a night. There is no harm in trying.

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Airtel night plan is awesome and the best compared to other networks night plan. I have used Glo, MTN and even 9mobile night browsing plans. I will say and say it again that Airtel night data plan is the best. Remember that you can buy normal Airtel data plan or choose suitable Airtel tariff plan and enjoy.

Don’t forget to share this article with family and friends. It will go a long way to help us. Use the social media button below to share. Read more from our blog.

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