Alert: List Of States That May Go For Second Total Lockdown

Alert: List Of States That May Go For Second Total Lockdown

The federal government of Nigeria had imposed a total lockdown some months back in some state. Meanwhile, the state governors of some states also declared the lockdown across their states. Schools, worshipping places, international flight and interstate borders were had been closing till date.

These all closure are as a result of the rapid increase of coronavirus cases. Not only Nigeria, but the world at large had been into the lockdown.

In the mids of lockdown, a lot of people are into hardship. The government are not providing food and essential things for them. With this, the federal government lifted and eased the lockdown all over the country. But imposes some preventive measures to avoid the increasing of the lockdown. The preventive measures such as compulsory wearing of face masks, washing hands and social distances.

During the easing of the lockdown across the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has given state governments some powers. Is left for states government to decide when they will lift the lockdown in their states.

For example, Kaduna state partially lifted their lockdown two weeks after the federal government ease the lockdown. Did you know up to date some states are in partial lockdown? A state like Lagos religious gatherings had been banned.

Unfortunately, the imposing of lockdown and the easing of lockdown haven’t down any effects in the country. Yes, when the country is in total lockdown, there are many new cases of coronavirus and after the easing and lifting of the lockdown, there is still a rapid increasing of coronavirus cases.

Not a single day passes without coronavirus cases in Nigeria.


TheNigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has been announcing new cases in everyday day. Today the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 passed 20,000.

Some people have started predicting and giving advice for second total lockdown in states with highest coronavirus cases. So that in a short period of time the country will have the ability to end the cases of COVID-19. While a lot of people have been waiting for the total lift of the lockdown.

These are the break down of the states with highest coronavirus cases in Nigeria.

The states that may go for second total lockdown.

1. Lagos, in the southern part of Nigeria with the highest number of cases in the country. Has the cases of over 8500.

2. Abuja with 1567 cases.

3. Kano, the third and highest in the North West with a total of 1190.

4. Oyo, Rivers, Edo, Ogun, Kaduna and Delta with the cases of 912, 874, 784, 646, 580 and 501 respectively.

Students are tired of staying at home, any religious person wants to go back to his worshipping place. Many people works depend on inter-state borders. Unfortunately, these will not come to an end in a short time without getting to the peak of coronavirus cases in Nigeria. Until the number of new cases reduces and the recovery increases.

Is completely lifting of the lockdown the solution or imposing second total lockdown? Tell us what’s your opinion.

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