A look at top European club’s jersey for 2020-21 season

Several football clubs will be using a different design of jersey for the 2020-21 campaign which is set to kickoff in August and we shall be looking at some leaked designs of top European clubs.

1 . Barcelona:

Barcelona are known for their traditional red and blue stripes jersey and they will still retain that color as their home kit.

2 . Real Madrid:

The Los Blancos as they are popularly called will be having a little bit switch in their from their all white as they will be adding a little design to the arm.

3 . Liverpool:

The defending champions of the UEFA Champions League will retain their traditional red outfit as their HomeKit but will be having a little bit of green at the collar.

4 . Manchester City.

The premier league defending champions who might not be able to appear in next seasons UEFA Champions League will also retain their traditional sky blue jersey but now with a little bit of white design to it.

5 . Arsenal:

A lot of Arsenal fans are not happy with the supposed home jersey of the 2020-21 campaign and fans have not taken kindly to its unusual zig-zag pattern.

The shirt features the usual red with white sleeves and adorns the regular sponsors of Emirates on the front and Visit Rwanda on the sleeve.

6 . Chelsea (Away Kit)

One of the biggest surprises for club kits next season is Chelsea as their third kit is similar to fellow premier league side jersey, Crystal Palace.

7 . Tottenham Hotspurs:

Some Tottenham fans are not pleased with the new kit for next season as some have come on social media to show how displeased they are.

The leaked home shirt, posted on Twitter by “Lilywhite_Rose”, was quickly savaged by fans.

@Clinicalsissoko said on Twitter: “I want to know. Whoever designs these kits. Do they sit back and be proud of s*** like this.”

Another Spurs fan with handle @Coys100 posted: “It’s a shame cause I like the collar but rest is s***.”

8 . Ajax:

This is one of the amazing jerseys you can see. The Dutch club revealed their jersey today.

9 . Juventus:

Juventus’ home kit for the 2020-21 season will return to the clubs famous black and white stripes.

Images have leaked across the web from usually reliable sources showcasing not only the home kit, but the away and third shirts as well as training gear.

The 2020/21 kit will include a return to the clubs black and white stripes, a design element that was excluded from the 2019/20 kit.

10 . Inter Milan:

According to the latest leaked info, the new Inter home kit for the 20/21 season will feature three zig-zag stripes in the centre of the shirt and one on each sleeve.

11 . AC Milan:

White borders around the neck and at the end of the sleeve. The shirt seems to be borrowing elements from some of the old Adidas jerseys like the 2009-10 and 2011-12.

12 . Atletico Madrid:

Puma is rumored to replace Nike as Atlético kit maker ahead of the 2020-2021 season.

The Atletico Madrid home kit concept combines the club’s classic red and white stripes with navy-blue vertical pinstripes. The red stripes feature a subtle stadium print.

13 . Bayern Munich:

The German champions have revealed their jersey for next season and they also wore it in their match against Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB Cup on Wednesday night.

14 . Paris Saint Germain:

The Paris club will retain the Navy blue and red jersey but with a slight difference from the previous years.

15 . Borussia Dortmund:

The Borussia Dortmund Jersey features a distinctive graffiti graphic on the front and the sleeves of the shirt. Yellow shorts and black socks complete the set.

You can drop your preferred design in the comment section and also share.

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