Ntel Free Browsing Cheat 2021 Unlimited Data.

Ntel Free Data Cheat 2021

This cheating has a very simple setting.. This cheating is working perfect as of the time this post was published.

The requirement to enjoy this Ntel Free browsing cheat is an already registered Ntel sim.

The sim card can be either the Wawu sim or the normal sim, anyone will work. Now, make sure that there is no active data bundle or data plan. The sim card should have no data or credit in it.

Proceed and insert the sim on your phone or mifi. Now, Set APN as ntel. You are done, enjoy free data on your device. It is easy? Yes your Ntel free browsing cheating have been activated. You can enjoy it on Android, iOS, Tablet, PC or any device you can use to access the Internet.

If it worked for you congrats, Enjoy this cheat while it last… don’t forget it is our duty to keep you updated about the latest cheat.

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