Chikamso Ozonaigbo Has Made Fame In Nollywood, See Photos Of Him Rocking Big Men’s Fashion

Chikamso Ozonaigbo Has Made Fame in Nollywood here are some of his photos rocking big men’s fashion.

Chikamso is a comedian who has switched to acting other categories of film in Nollywood. Actually he started as a comedian and he was always acting with zybby Michael and many people though zubby was his father

People started calling him the son of zubby Michael because he featured in many films with zubby Michael.

Now he has upgraded and he has also made fame in Nollywood. He has acted countless times as king in Nollywood with many other famous actors and I think every role given to him, he kills the role with good action.

He has actions and can add slangs while acting and the film becomes more interesting whenever he starts speaking his igbo slangs.

And am sure he learnt that from zubby Michael because the guy is acting like zubby Michael. Every action zubby Michael displays, chikamso has it and will also display something similar in another film.

Now posting these pictures of him rocking big men’s fashion is to show you that he has played important roles in many interesting films. Some of these fashions he wore here, he played the role of a king. And he is very good at playing the role of a king. But his hight is another thing

But apart from the hight he has all it takes to play any role given to him in a film. According to Nollywood fans he is really the son of zuby Michael. Yes Nollywood fans call him the son of zubby because he acts like zubby.

Now here are his photos rocking big men’s fashion

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