If you are not matured enough, do not open

Before you read further, be informed that this message is not for unmatured minds, it is made simply for grown up women. Although, married men too can benefit, that’s if they will help their wives/girlfriend out, except that, this message is not for them.

Am going to be taking your few minutes to talk about how best to restore women “private office”. From my own idea. That means, after reading this article, your wife/girlfriend will return to virgin.

It is not news any longer, that many girls have lost their pride (virginity) either consciously or not. Many were victim of rape.

Many ladies lost theirs between the age of 12 to 16, most were victim, may be because their body was bigger than their age, and they look more beautiful.

So the rapist or otherwise believed they were 18 or more and matured while they were not. Some girls lost theirs due to “ I wanna be”, they believed losing their pride at 18 or 20 is the best gift they can offer

themselves, but the truth is that, the moment they tasted s*x, they never do without it again, and they have kept on thinking how best can they return to their pride age again.

If you are among these categories of people, then, I have good news for you, the “good news” is that you can still be in your pride again, i.e you can be restored.

As a husband, you may be thinking you are no longer enjoying your wife or girlfriend, due to extra space you are feeling down there, don’t worry, after this article, you will be back to the first time feeling, all you need is to forward this message to them and ask them to follow the steps to be provided below.

As a woman, let me assume you are not brand new again, may be your pride was taken either through s*x or sport, or maybe you have already given birth, no matter the age you are currently, believe me, you can still be in your pride age again.

You really don’t need to spend thousands of naira looking for best cream that can still lead to another problem, when you can do this naturally. All you need to do is just to follow the instruction am going to dash out soon.

With this method you are about to read here, even if you are 50 years of age, after completing the steps, your pride will be restored.


You need to buy cloves, (may be #50 or #100 is enough), pore the cloves in a small bottle and add small quantity of water (a sachet a pure water), soak the cloves for one to two days.


Boil two liters of water and pore it in a bucket. (be careful with the hot water) Add two to three teaspoon size of the soaked cloves to the hot water.


Sit down on the bucket and make sure your laps cover the heat generating from the hot water.

Make sure your legs are open to the water as the heat directly enter the private office for 10 minutes, repeat this steps three times a week, your virginal will be restored.

Now, one unique thing about this method is that, no matter how wide the size of your ” private office” is, it will surely be compressed, you will feel better like never better. It is a natural way of restoring women “secret office” so it has no side effect.

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