Stop Saying I Saw Your Missed Call. This Is The Right Thing To Say

Maybe you left your phone and you didn’t pick up when someone called you or your phone is in silent mode and you couldn’t hear the ring tone, thereby missing the call. When you call the person back what do you say, “I saw your miss call” ?, this is totally wrong. There are certain words you say that is not grammatically correct. Today I will tell you the right word to use instead of “I saw your missed call”

Many Nigerians are fond of using the word “I saw your missed call without knowing that the grammar is wrong. You are the person that missed the call, so the missed call is yours. Don’t say “I saw your missed call” Rather say “I Missed Your Call”

So next time you missed someone’s call don’t go on and disgrace yourself by saying “I saw your missed call” the correct word is “I missed your call”

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