These Photos Will Convince You That W.W.E is fake and acted

What is the full meaning of W.W.E?

This might be the question of many readers. W.W.E simply means World Wrestling Entertainment. Of no doubt this is one of the most famous show all over the world and comprises of legends such as Hulk Organ, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker and many others too numerous to mention.

Here is a picture of W.W.E Superstar John Cena:

The question of many people all over the world has been if W.W.E is actually real or fake, is it just to entertain (Scripted) or it’s a sport. The answer to this question and many others will be made known to you as you read. Many people have been confused of this issue; this has also caused a lot of disagreement in our society, but I believe this article will put an end to this questions.

I will be bringing my points with pictures, which will need critical observation and thinking before jumping into conclusion. I am fully in support of the motion that W.W.E is acted and I believe after reading this article and observing these pictures, you will also be in support of the motion.

Below are my reasons for saying that W.W.E is acted and not real:

Drama: It is of no doubt that those wrestlers’ acts behind the scene also. Sometimes the camera will just move to their resting point and show them acting some kind of a drama. Let us take undertaker as an example; how will he disappear from the wrestling ring when the light goes off? How will those in charge of the light sector know he is about to disappear and put off the light? This is to proof to you that it is scripted. Before they come into the wrestling ring the winner is already known. Sometimes someone will be down and instead of his opponent to climb the ring fast, he will be there making some kind of a guy. In most cases, one of the wrestlers will just hit someone once and immediately he will be going to climb the rope placed round the wrestling ring. These acts are classified as the Drama.

Sometimes a particular wrestler will just come to the wrestling ring and will start challenging another, just to make it look real but if you are observant you will know it is planned. The most painful part is when a particular wrestler will hit the referee a little, the referee will faint. Tell yourself the truth; can such a little hit make a normal human being faint?

Name: like I said earlier, W.W.E stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. If it was real, it would have been tagged a sport but because it is acted that is why it is called an entertainment. Come to think of it Boxing is tagged sport, Football is tagged sport, tennis is tagged sport; this is to show you that they are not scripted, the winners are not known till the end of the match. But take a good look at the name Entertainment; it is meant for drama, songs etc. that is to proof to you that it is scripted or and well planned.

The Advert: Fans of W.W.E will recall that after the fight, there is a particular advert saying; this people are trained professionals, they take real risk, toiled muscles, dislocations, and separation. Please don’t try this at home, school or anywhere. This is to tell you that they are trained for that purpose and go as far as taking real risk just to entertain you.

Fake Hitting: These include blows and kicks. Those of you who are very observant will agree to the fact that most of their kicks and blows are not real but acted. While blowing they hit their leg to the grown to make sure it makes sound, with the aim of confusing the viewers.

Picture of Randy Orton caught faking a kick on his opponent:

Music: The pattern at which their music is played before any wrestler comes out proofs that it is well scripted. Sometimes a particular wrestler will be on the wrestling ring talking and immediately, he will be interrupted by the music of another. How did the DJ know that the wrestler is about to come out? My brothers and sisters we need to be wise.

Smack down: The various ways at which different wrestles smack their opponent should prove to you that it if purely fake and just to entertain. Take Ray Mysterio as an example;

Here is a picture of W.W.E superstar Ray Mysterio:

As small as he is, he will just roll on someone’s body and off, and you will see the person on the floor. Sometimes I ask myself, with which weight is he doing that. Here is a picture that proofs that undertaker famous Rest in Peace Smack (R.I.P) is not genuine but purely acted.

Take a good look at the position of his head; even if he kneel down his head will not get to the floor.

If real do you even know the amount of wrestlers he would have killed? These wrestlers are so trained and will just make the whole stuff look real even while it isn’t.

If you still don’t believe, please take a good look at these pictures with at least 20 seconds each and tell us what you observed using the comment box.

take a good look at his hands behind Randy Orton’s back

I believe that this article has in one way or the order shown you the truth about the whole W.W.E stuffs. I know most people will have other proofs; if you do please make it known to us via the comment box. Any question or contribution should also be made via the comment box. We promise to answer all questions as quick as possible.

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