If Bitten By A Snake Do This Immediately To Save Your Life

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Snakes are very dangerous Animals to human being and one should take no chances whenever an incident of Snake bitting has occurred.

A large percent of snakes are venomous. There are some People who recover from snake bite even without treatment. So that’s not some miracle.

Whenever a snake bites you , this are the steps you should take.

1) Seek Medical Attention.

I think simply getting tested, earlier & more frequently, has dropped the numbers go for quick treatment following a snake bite, instead of waiting a week.

Accountability has flown out the window these past few years ,some people may just ignore like everything is normal.

Getting tested quickly definitely helps and slows the spread.

2)Tie the Bitten Place with Two tire nodes

What do I mean by this, take a piece of Cloth and tire one end of the place you have been bitten, Secondly, tire also the other End.

The reason for doing this is because the tired nodes will prevent Blood from Flowing in the Veins

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